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After receiving a small vinyl cutter as a gift in the Spring of 2016,  we began learning a new hobby.  Our early projects were small signs and decor for our home.  As people began to take interest, we were asked to create signage for a friend's wedding - our first "real" project.

Word of our work grew, and we started making custom wood and vinyl signs for customers who contacted us through social media or word of mouth.  This lead us to establish Dynes DeSignZ, our first small business.  Our name being reflective of our family and 8 year old daughter, Zimri. Marketing and a presence on the web has kept us extremely busy with customer orders for our work.

Finally in the Spring of 2019, we were blessed with opportunity to take over Craft Love, a successful DIY workshop in Bettendorf, Iowa. This was a perfect blending of our current work with the passion for sharing our gift with others.  We are extremely excited to grow in this next season and are committed to carrying on the reputation of Craft Love.


At Studio D3, our aim is for everyone to leave happy and proud of the project they have created.  Along with providing a fun evening of socializing and crafting, we hope to teach you about materials and tools you work with in class.


Our instructors are here to teach you how to distress wood with hammers, use drills to assemble your project, and utilize many other skills in class.  No experience? No problem!  We will guide you through the entire process and help to create a piece you can be proud to display in your home.

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